“Pamper Your Pearl”

100% organic

All materials are quality approved, hand-picked, and absolutely organic

Truly handmade

Exclusive and unique products that are carefully chosen for all our clients


Only fresh, pure and organic materials are used to help you avoid allergy


What People Are Saying

I suffered from vaginal odor and it was starting to take over everyday life.  I was too embarrassed to buy products from the grocery store or even consult my doctor.  I found out about WaterWorks through a friend and it has been amazing.  I use about twice a week and haven’t experienced an odor since.

Angela, 27
Angela, 27

Playing professional sports brings a lot of attention, female attention mainly. They spend a lot of time and effort to be noticed but once in the bedroom I get to see just how much they take care of their bodies.  One woman had Waterworks in her purse and hands down she gave me the best sexual experience I’ve ever had.

Anonymous, 25
Anonymous, 25

Great products and great prices! I’m in love with them and so is my boyfriend.  I recommend the Tightening Tonic, my fave!

Kendra, 24
Kendra, 24

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